Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session?

A session is the result of placing a video call with a User. The sessions carried out can be found in the History section:

How to carry out a new session?

To carry out a session, you just have to head to the New session section:

The data necessary to start a session are:

  • File: This is a reference that you must assign.
  • Country: The country of the mobile phone of the Userwho you want to video call.
  • Mobile phone: The country of the mobile phone of the User to which the SMS with the link to the session will be sent.
  • Your camera: Activate and deactivate your camera (Professional).
  • Client camera: Allows you to select which camera on the User mobile phone to start the session with.
    • Main camera: The camera on the back.
    • Selfie Camera: The frontal camera along with the screen.
    Note: If the user's mobile phone is not compatible with the selected camera, the first available camera (usually the Selfie camera) will be used.

What should I do when there are no available sessions?

When you have already spent the 10 free sessions that we give you for registering, you must buy more sessions. You can buy them in the Purchase section inside the top menu with your name:

How can I buy more than 30 sessions at the same time?

In the Purchase section, under the three available vouchers, there is the customised vouchers calculator. The more sessions you buy at the same time, the better price we can offer you.

What happens when the connection fails after the session has started?

When a session does not start or ends before 30 seconds have passed, we consider it to have been an incomplete session, so that session has not been used.

How can a session be repeated?

We consider repeating a session when you start another session with the same file and the same phone number.

That said, you can repeat the session by creating a new one and entering the same data as the session you want to repeat, or by using the "Carry out the session again" in "Session details", which can be accessed from the "History" section by choosing the session you want to repeat.

Does repeating a session use my balance?

No, as long as this session takes place within 1 hour. There is also no limit to the number of times a session can be repeated free of charge, provided that each session takes place within one hour of the last session.

Where is the User Geolocation stored?

The User geolocation is stored within the session performed. Just open the session you want to see and you can see the location of the User on the map.

Why do I not see the position of the User on the map?

It is the users who must give permission to the browser to obtain their position. If they deny it permission (saying they do not want to share their location), it is not possible to obtain their geolocation. The session will start all the same, but without this information.