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Advantages compared to other video call systems:

Direct access

Neither you nor your interlocutor will have to download an application without registering. Your interlocutor will only receive an                SMS with the link to the "video call." We make it easy for you to make it easy for users.

Platform with integrated charging system

If you act as a party expert, the insured will pay the session before the call,                ensuring you are paid for your service. You won't have to worry about transfers or anything like that.

Easy integration

We offer all the necessary tools so that you can integrate our technology and use us as one more complement in your file manager.


Communications are encrypted for your safety and that of your clients. Payments are secure through our online platform.

Integrate us into your records management program

Make video reports another one of your work tools.


Who is interested in video reports?

  • MediatorsInsurance brokers for risk and claims verifications
  • ExpertsExperts, Adjusters and Appraisers of Insurance and Claims. Breakdown Commissioners
  • Workshops and repairersMechanical workshops and repair companies
  • CompaniesInsurance companies

Where to use video reports

  • New policies

    Subscription and contracting processes of new auto, diverse patrimonial and nautical policies.

  • Material damage verification

    In auto insurance (passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, ...)

    In multi-risks of diverse branches (Home, Communities, Businesses and SMEs)

    In branches of Civil and Nautical Liability.

    In freight shipping lines.

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