Frequently Asked Questions

What things should the Professional take into account before carrying out a session?
  1. Coverage: Make sure that as a Professional you have good data coverage in ADSL, Fibre, 3G or 4G wired network.
  2. Taking pictures: Photographs are taken directly from the User's camera and sent to the professional's computer.
  3. Video recording: Videos are recorded directly from the professional's computer.
  4. File archive directory: By default, the videos and photos taken during the session will be saved in the "downloads" folder of the Professional's computer, unless you have configured a different folder for downloads from the Google Chrome web browser, in which case it will be downloaded in that folder. The Professional must have enough space on the computer to store the files resulting from the session.
  5. Coding of the files: All the files, whether they are video, image or geolocation, will be named with the reference that the Professional has entered on the platform. The files, which will share a name, will be distinguished as video, photography or geolocation, numbering each different photograph or video with a correlative numerical value.
  6. Indexing of files: Before starting the session, the Professional must enter the reference number of the desired subject and the mobile phone number of the client to whom the SMS will be sent from where the session will be recorded.
  7. Geolocation: Our service geographically locates the User's Smartphone from which the images are being captured, and its location is saved in the HISTORY of the Professional's private panel.
  8. Playing the recorded videos: The videos saved on the Professional's PC or Mac have the extension .WebM and can be viewed from the Google Chrome web browser. If someone to whom the video has been sent cannot play it, they should download and install the free VLC Media Player application on their PC with which they can play it perfectly.
  9. Responsibility: We only provide the technology so that the Professional can carry out sessions with the Users. We do not store video or photo files. We only store, exclusively for statistical management, the records of the mobile phone data, days and hours of the session. The responsibility for the use or transfer of these files or data is entirely that of the Professional. We are only a medium.